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What languages do you translate into?
We do blockchain / fintech translations into 22 languages
Which language should we translate our website into?
Most of our clients choose English, French, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. But each case is different! Our experts will advise you to determine the language that suits your project best.
How soon will I get the translation?
The speed depends on the subscription you choose (starting with 10 translation pages in 10 hours).
We also have a chat bot on our website that will translate up to 1,500 characters in 30 minutes.
How can I pay for your translation services?
All of our services can be paid using online payment systems via the website, as well as by fiat money and cryptocurrency.
Where is your office?
We have offices in Moscow, Hamburg and Hong Kong, but we work with orders from around the world.
What is a “monthly subscription”?
The service includes monthly full text content support your company at a spécial price. This means we will translate all your content (news, blog posts, social media posts, etc.) into the language you choose each month.
How do I use the monthly subscription service?
You can subscribe online and our experts will contact you for further details.
Is your chat bot using machine translation technology?
No, our chat bot is just a convenient means of sending / receiving translations. The translation itself is still carried out by professional translators.